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Application for lowmod. Empty Application for lowmod.

Post  Serice on December 10th 2011, 11:54

First, I know that applications for modship are down at the moment; however the server seems to be growing and I have noticed that I am on rather often, with a good portion of that time being when none of the current mods are online.

I have seen a few people asking for member approval when no mods are online, and have been witness to griefing and stealing on a few occasions where being a low mod would have made handling each case easier on the staff as a whole. Not only could I log reports, but I could investigate as well as help those who need it right away.

While we don't need many mods or lowmods or anything of the sort at the moment, we seem to be increasing in size as I have noticed more than a dozen people on at once during peak times when we previously had eight at most... and then rarely.

I feel as though I have the trust of the current lowmod/mod staff and players, so that could be a consideration along with everything else.

If there is no need for me as a lowmod at the moment, I would like to keep this posting as a long-term application for when the need arises.

Thanks for the consideration,



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Application for lowmod. Empty Re: Application for lowmod.

Post  44bottles on December 10th 2011, 13:10

Lol, at the moment, the only thing lowmods can do to help server (you know like ranking, banning, kicking, rollback, etc.) is ranking. Dragon said he was going to add more commands later but (unless he changed it while i was asleep) we don't have any at the moment. Sad. But yeh dragon or commander will come and approve/disapprove your post.


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