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Post  Medfit on December 17th 2011, 20:07

I know you said you wanted me to at least pay $5 but i cannot right now due to Christmas. But I think you need more moderators in here, and I have had experience with it. I don't really see much moderators on except Tristarz, very little of Plymboy, and seen solarox5 on twice. But we are having a lot of spams and greifs lately. You know you don't want your members thinking that the staff is inactive all the time, that would make them quit the server. There is some people that would vouch for me being one.
Yea I am sorry for not being on much on srh's server, for that I think is why you don't like me that much. But if you think about it, you need another active moderator, Tristarz cannot do everything.


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