iHitaTree's App of awesomeness.

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iHitaTree's App of awesomeness.

Post  iHitaTree on November 28th 2011, 11:42

Name: Aidan Rogers
IGN:iHitaTree (legit client)
Age(optional): 16
Why you wanna play: I enjoyed lego as a kid and minecraft now? why else would i play?
Name two common rules: dont grief. (herp derp) dont impersonate anyone.. (mods other players etc.) Shall i go on? oh wait.... it says two.
Time zone ( for maybe moderatorship) : gmt -6. (saskatchewan canada.)


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Re: iHitaTree's App of awesomeness.

Post  drag0n on November 28th 2011, 11:43



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