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About your admin "Commander" Empty About your admin "Commander"

Post  Medfit on December 17th 2011, 19:50


You might notice the lava in my inventory, I was trying to make a fountain on top of my watch tower, so look at the amount of the lava. And you will notice in the first picture with the house, back behind the house is the ship with no lava on it, then the next picture has lava on the ship so you can clearly see it wasnt me placing the lava, because the amount of lava i had are the same. It was commanderj54 that had his butt buddies _shanker_ and BlackHawk greif me by giving them OP powers. Commander also promoted 44bottles with OP. And in the very last picture commander spawned a million buttons to cause lag in that world. Other pictures with the spiders he was spawning them everywhere. Then the two douchebags shanker and blackhawk signed off for a few minutes and came back on like I was stupid saying they were hacked. Drag0n check the config on every command that was used.


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About your admin "Commander" Empty Re: About your admin "Commander"

Post  TriStarz on December 18th 2011, 00:43

I think this is inappropriate that one of the owners is doing that to one of their own staff. Encouraging other people to help him by giving op's is what I think just too much now. Also, can I add one more thing to this. Lightning was spammed.


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About your admin "Commander" Empty STFU

Post  Commanderj54 on December 18th 2011, 09:18

if you guys were on in my time zone you would know that the real commander is in jail and i am watching his account. i gave my friend the pass to fuck around with and he started to grief even ask drag0n he knows about it so dont give me shit niggers fuck you all...


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About your admin "Commander" Empty Re: About your admin "Commander"

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